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Back into the swing of things.

School has started up again in my province and for English teachers that means an end to the days of Netflix at our desks and wasting the time promised to studying Korean on Pokemon Go. For myself, classes were delayed... Continue Reading →

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Managing Large Classes

My largest class is 60 plus 4th graders, all of whom I taught when they were 3rd grade. Thankfully their a mixture of some of the best 3rd graders I taught with some of my more silent or, only when... Continue Reading →

5 activities for the surprised teacher

Either way, you might need to have a few no prep activities that can be changed to suit your students on a dime. Here are some activities that have saved my toosh more times than I care to count.

How I learned to appreciate desk warming.

No, maybe the first two weeks of straight desk warming were dedicated and productive, but now we’re all painting our nails and watching Netflix.

3 things that will change your Teach Abroad experience

I’ve been teaching abroad for ten months now and I’ve learned firsthand about settling into that first foreign posting. If you’re searching for that first foreign adventure here are three quick things to consider before you board the plane. Attitude... Continue Reading →


I've taught ESL in a rural posting with the EPIK program for ten months. I hope this blog to helps future guest teachers adjust to life and work in Korea.

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